Prima le parole: The Language of Opera

September 7 – November 22, 2020

Welcome to Bel Canto Boot Camp! We are proud to have developed and refined a course that teaches the elements of bel canto singing, Italian style and period notation practices, ornamentation and variation, and classic Italian poetry and libretto form, all based on Vaccai’s Metodo di canto. 

Now we branch off into a specific study of the Italian found in the operatic libretto. Convoluted and confusing poetic language has led many a singer and opera fan astray! Explore the skills needed to unlock the mystery of archaic verb tenses and to sleuth out those pesky words that seem to have stayed in libretti but vanished from the dictionary. 

Course Fee: $125

For around the price of one hour of in-person instruction in New York City, where we are based, you will:

  • Receive daily posts containing Italian language lessons, practice worksheets, aria translation guides and more again posted in our private Facebook group, NOW on the website, and directly to your email inbox to inspire and guide your Italian study Monday through Saturday
  • Take part in interactive Zoom sessions where we translate and learn together
  • Submit finished worksheets for instructor feedback