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Bel Canto Boot Camp’s Gym Floor is our ever-growing research-based, skill-focused technical training space for singers, teachers, coaches, and opera lovers alike. Our first-of-its-kind online platform offers a collection of videos, exercise sheets, discussions, essays, and more where you can commit to putting your skills to use. 

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Self-Assessment Tools

Orient yourself to the Bel Canto Boot Camp Gym Floor with our Membership Welcome Packet, developed to introduce you to our philosophies and take you on a journey of self-assessment as you begin or continue your technical work.

Guided by Voices Audiophile Society

  • Weekly Zoom salons – great for singers and opera lovers alike! – and at no additional cost for all members of The Gym Floor.
  • Join Steven Tharp for twelve weeks of interactive immersion in the bel canto style. Discover how the greatest voices of the past continue to guide us in the present. 
  • Whether you’d like to inform your work on the stage or your ear in the audience, there’s something for everyone. Turn your living room into the opera house!
  • Listening Salon Sundays at 3pm Eastern December 13, 2020 to February 28, 2021

Your Questions Answered

Send questions arising from your daily practice and/or teaching to our Bel Canto Boot Camp team and we will answer in a weekly vlog. Community and support every step of the way! Members also have access to the interactive Bel Canto Boot Camp Members Only Facebook group.           

Ongoing Access to Course Materials

Boot Camp Members who have completed our Vaccai and Prima le parole courses have access to review our Archives (upon login).

Members-Only Pricing

Discounted participation in our signature course, The Vaccai Project, which will run again June 7-August 29, 2021• 12 weeks, 9 weeks of content and 3 intermittent catch up weeks if you fall behind (or need a break!)

Bel Canto Book Club

A discussion group on our Bel Canto Bookshelf’s choicest tomes. Future projects include Conrad L. Osborne’s Opera as Opera with Conrad himself and a guided study of García’s Complete Treatise on the Art of Singing.

Option to Join Boot Camp Intensives

Do you want feedback on your progress on the Gym Floor? Do you want to interact with other members and mentors? Join our reasonably priced Boot Camp Intensives for personal attention.

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