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  • ACCESS TO THE GYM FLOOR Bel Canto Boot Camp’s Gym Floor is a research-based, skill-focused technical training space for singers, teachers, coaches, and opera lovers alike. Our first-of-its-kind online platform offers a collection of videos, exercise sheets, discussions, essays, and more where you can commit to putting your skills to use.
    • Guided by Voices Audiophile Society
      • Weekly Zoom salons – great for singers and opera lovers alike! – and free for all members of The Gym Floor.
      • Join Steven Tharp for twelve weeks of interactive immersion in the bel canto style. Discover how the greatest voices of the past continue to guide us in the present. 
      • Whether you’d like to inform your work on the stage or your ear in the audience, there’s something for everyone. Turn your living room into the opera house!
      • Sundays at 3pm Eastern
        December 13, 2020 to February 28, 2021
    • Spring 2021 Intensives include:
      • Daily Exercises (20-person cap)
      • Ornamentation
      • Registration
      • Mentoring for Mentors
  • HAVE A QUESTION? Send questions arising from your daily practice and/or teaching to our Bel Canto Boot Camp team and we will answer in a weekly vlog. Community and support every step of the way! Members also have access to the interactive Bel Canto Boot Camp Members Only Facebook group.           
  • ONGOING ACCESS to the archives of The Vaccai Project and Prima le parole for members who have completed the courses.
  • MEMBERS-ONLY PRICING for our signature course, The Vaccai Project, which will run again in Summer 2021.
  • BEL CANTO BOOK CLUB A discussion group on our Bel Canto Bookshelf’s choicest tomes. Future projects include Conrad L. Osborne’s Opera as Opera with Conrad himself and a guided study of García’s Complete Treatise on the Art of Singing.