Get Moving with BCBC

We won’t try to tell you what Kinstretch® is – our friend and coach Michael Autore of MOTIV NY explains it much better and Derrick and I (Rachelle) brought our best, safest efforts to each video. We can tell you why we love Kinstretch though – Kinstretch occupies the mind as much as it does the body when we are practicing.

Kinstretch breaks down mobility into a skill set that we can understand, provides us with clear routines to improve the control we have over our bodies, and inspires us to practice daily because the impact is so apparent in daily life.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the Bel Canto Boot Camp philosophy! Understand the skills, refine your technique, and unlock your imagination.

Singing is a complete body activity. By isolating the joints of the body, Kinstretch offers a useful system for the singer to improve their body awareness while gaining control of their bodies and expanding their joint range of motion. In short: Kinstretch allows singers to imagine their singer bodies in an ultra-efficient way.

Joints allow the human body – regardless of shape or size – to move through the world. Developing body control, enhancing movement potential, and preventing injury are worthy pursuits as we move toward healthy bodies and minds.

These three videos are an introduction to spinal mobility, shoulder & upper body mobility, and hip mobility. We hope you enjoy working with Michael as much as we do!