2021-2022 Performance Projects

THE VACCAI PROJECT: The Lessons and The Music 

YouTube Live event on January 23, 2022

Bel Canto Boot Camp invites all members to participate in a recording project presenting singers of all levels and ages singing Vaccai – The Lessons and The Music.

The Lessons

Record your favorite lessons from the Vaccai Method. Ornament them if you want!

The Music

Vaccai Songs and Duets – Browse this Google folder!


  • Upload your draft video by November 21
  • Receive musical and Italian notes via e-mail 
  • Schedule a Zoom or in person session with BCBC mentors
  • Upload your final video by January 2, 2022
  • If you live in the NY area and want to record with BCBC contact us at belcantobootcamp@gmail.com

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A hybrid performance presented by Bel Canto Boot Camp
at Opera America on May 21, 2022

Bel Canto Boot Camp invites all members to participate in a hybrid performance exploring the place of Mozart in the continuum of the Italian operatic tradition 


  • Any Mozart aria (opera or concert) or song (Italian or German)
  • Team up with another BCBC member/s for ensembles


December 15, 2021: Research folder available in the BCBC Members Area

January 29 and 30, 2022: Weekend Zoom seminar exploring historical performance practice in Mozart including 

  • the prosodic appoggiatura
  • ornamentation and cadenzas
  • libretto study
  • recitativo: secco and accompagnato



  • Upload your draft video by March 20
  • Receive musical and Italian notes via e-mail
  • Schedule a Zoom session during March/April with BCBC mentors
  • Upload your final video by May 8

Live participation:

  • Schedule a live coaching session with NY based BCBC mentors during March/April
  • Ensemble coaching sessions during early May
  • Participate in the live performance on May 21st

The Mozart Project for schools and organizations

Bel Canto Boot Camp invites schools and organizations to participate by recording scene/s to be shared during the hybrid performance on May 21st, 2021

What can participating schools expect?

  • Access to research folder starting December 15
  • Invitation to attend January 29-30 seminar and access to recording of events
  • Enhanced historic and pedagogical approach to performance practice
  • Historically informed performance opportunity to students
  • Engage with BCBC mentors in preparation for recording of scene/s via Zoom
  • Network with other schools, BCBC members, and guest presenters
  • Recruiting visibility through inclusion in The Mozart Project hybrid performance 

What about in person options?

  • BCBC mentors are available to visit your school in person to help students prepare for their participation in The Mozart Project
  • BCBC is available to present additional lectures or master classes while visiting your organization. Our topics span a wide range of departments in the traditional educational system (voice, pedagogy, voice science, ear training, harmony and counterpoint, collaborative piano, conducting)
  • Recitativo accompagnato: Treatises and Traditions for Singers, Conductors, and Pianists
  • Prima le parole: From libretto to score – the collision of musical and poetic meter and rhythm
  • Historical treatises: An exploration of key concepts from the past that got lost along the way
  • Language and legato: Diction in service of the classic bel canto phrase
  • Ornamentation: Practical Harmony and Counterpoint for Singers

Contact us at belcantobootcamp@gmail.com to discuss remote participation and/or in person residency tailor made for your organization