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For Vaccai sign-on:

1. Make sure to join the Vaccai Summer 2021 Facebook group if you want to leave and read comments. If you prefer you can just follow the course on the website.
2. If you are registered for Vaccai Interactive or Vaccai Intensive please join the respective groups on Facebook – this is where you will post practice videos to receive feedback from mentors and support from colleagues.
3. Click here for a curriculum for the summer. You don’t HAVE to do anything! This course is to provide daily practice inspiration and instruction in the bel canto style. Move at your own pace. The curriculum is there to give you a heads up about when to expect information about what.
4. Daily practice inspiration is delivered Monday through Saturday (except Intermezzo weeks) on the Vaccai Summer 2021 facebook group and on our website. You must log in to the website to find The Vaccai Project. All information stays available after it has been released for you to visit at your leisure for the rest of the summer and beyond while you are an active member. Reminder that your Vaccai participation includes active membership and access to all of our website until September. Poke around! There is a LOT beyond just Vaccai!
5. Starting June 13 Community Zoom will happen on Sundays at 1:30 ET (except for Intermezzo weeks). All Vaccai participants are welcome to join in discussion of the week’s work. Bring all your questions! Zoom link will be both on the website and on the facebook group and accessible by clicking the link above. Recordings of all Zoom meetings will be posted on facebook and the website for review.
6. Vaccai Intensive group practice starts on Saturday June 12 at 1:00 ET (except for Intermezzo weeks). Zoom link will be e-mailed Saturday morning to Intensive participants and posted on the Vaccai Intensive facebook group. Recordings of all Zoom meetings will be posted on facebook and the website for review. 

-Rachelle and Derrick