CLO Essayette Series

Bel Canto Book Club welcomes CLO and facilitator Will Crutchfied on December 12.

“CLO proposes here a gradual shift in modern opera performance towards lighter, more loosely engaged, headier voices, and describes this progression in terms of the problems it poses for the core repertory of the ‘extended 19th century.’ I would sum up those problems as diminishment of physical impact and reduction of timbral brilliance. But there is a lot more to it than that, and it is fascinating to follow CLO through his detailed descriptions as he traces this progression through different voice categories and important individual singers.” (Will Crutchfield)

Reading Suggestion: The part most immediately setting forth what CLO calls “the new vocality” is a short passage on pp. 369-377. It will be understood better if you can read starting from “The Duprez Moment” on 318, continuing at least to 377. But best of all would be to read the full chapter, pp. 303-404!

If you missed our first discussion with Will and Conrad, check it out here.

Conrad L. Osborne, voice teacher, critic, performer, and author, partners with Bel Canto Boot Camp in video discussions of the essayettes that open his book Opera as Opera. Visit CLO’s blog.

Episode 1: Introduction
and Opera’s Essence

Episode 2: Belief

Episode 3: Skepticism

Episode 4: Engagement and Distance

Episode 5: Meaning

Episode 6: Creation and Interpretation

Episode 7: The Text and the Work

Episode 8: Singingacting and Words

Episode 9: The Character

Episode 10: Drama

Episode 11: Concept

Episode 12: Eye and Ear

Episode 13: Time