Bellini Songs Concert

La farfalletta
Jorie Moss, soprano

Wait, butterfly! Come let me capture you – my love is just as beautiful as you are, and I need to give you as a present to him. You spend your day flitting from rose to lily – he’s got plenty of flowers in his spotless heart for you!

Le souvenir présent céleste
Brianna Braun, soprano

The beautiful memory of what has gone is the pleasure that stays with us.

Melanie Helton, soprano

Why does the breeze sigh? I alone should sigh – I cry out to Daphnis who won’t hear my insufferable pain. The flowers languish in vain, for I am far from my beloved if he won’t come console me. Busy bee, if you find him amongst the blossoms, tell him to come back!

La ricordanza
Diane Atherton, soprano

That night I lay beside the one who alone occupies my heart; I prayed for mercy on my suffering, when she looked at me and said, “Put your hand on my heart, I love only you”, and then, trembling with love, she lay her head on my shoulder. If after the sweet the bitter hurts even more — if I’ll never have this again — how sweet death would have been in that moment!

Tre ariette

Il fervido desiderio
Judith Barnes, mezzo-soprano

When will come the day when I can see you again? When can I clasp you to my breast, my beloved?

Dolente immagine di Fille mia
Leslie Ratner, mezzo-soprano

Sorrowful apparition of my Phyllis, why do you sit so sad by me? What more do you want than my tears on your grave? Rest well; have peace; our love is inextinguishable.

Vaga luna che inargenti
Steven Tharp, tenor • Andrew Garland, baritone

Lovely moon, who silver the earth and guide all the elements, you alone see me in distress — tell her! Tell her that distance doesn’t lessen my grief, and I’m still holding out hope!

Sei ariette

Per pietà, bell’idol mio
Madeleine Gray, mezzo-soprano

Don’t call me ungrateful – I’m already miserable. If I’m in love with you, all the gods and both of our hearts will know.

Malinconia, Ninfa gentile 
Janet Hock, soprano

Melancholy, you gentle Nymph, I belong to you. Whoever thinks himself above you is not born to true pleasure. I asked the gods for hills and mountains; they heard me, and I will live satisfied – I’ll never leave this place!

Vanne, o rosa fortunata
Maria Andrea Rodriguez Beltran, soprano

Go, lovely rose, and adorn Nice’s breast – I would love to be there myself. Yet you wither and die; we both will die, you from envy and I from love.

Bella Nice, che d’amore
Jane Hoffmann, soprano

Beautiful Nice, whom I love so much, one day I will have to die. If you will come put a flower on my grave, it will lessen the horror of death – that’s all I ask.

Ma rendi pur contento
Maya Lewis, soprano

Only make my beloved happy, Love, and I’ll forgive you if I’m not. I dread her worries more than my own – because I live more through her than in myself.

Per pietà, bell’idol mio
Ying Yu, soprano

Don’t call me ungrateful – I’m already miserable. If I’m in love with you, all the gods and both of our hearts will know.

Almen se non poss’io
Laura Stanell, soprano

If only I could follow alongside my beloved! May my affection follow along for me. Love keeps my thoughts near him; this won’t be new!

Quando incise su quel marmo
Kimberly Gratland James, mezzo-soprano

Here is the stone where my name is inscribed along with Gilda’s. Why would she do that if she was going to betray me? When she etched our names on this marble she swore it would be forever, but the thought of me you’ve erased in your mind.

L’allegro marinaro
Kristin Gornstein, mezzo-soprano

The sea is calm and blue, so let’s sing happy songs, you happy sailor! Hope for the best – today is good and we’ve no idea what will happen tomorrow. One day we’ll eventually be back home.

Era felice un dì
Leah Yackanech, soprano

I was once happy and in love – now there’s no hope. My soul cannot figure out how to stop wanting you. Miserable love!

Sogno d’infanzia
Dave Ekstrum, tenor

Sweet dream of my youth, I can’t get you off my mind. I want to keep on loving you – but a lighting flash took your life. My heart dies bereft of yours.

O crudel, che il mio pianto non vedi
Laura Stanell, soprano

O cruel one who won’t see my suffering while you’re with someone else, it’s clear my hope of bliss is gone – I hope you’ll bring flowers to scatter on my grave.

A palpitar d’affanno
Dianela Acosta, mezzo-soprano

I was born for worries and sighs, and not even the stars will take pity on me. I give up and there is no more wicked pain than mine.

Dalla guancia scolorita
Steven Tharp and Derrick Goff, tenors

From the pale cheek and the cloudy eye, sorrow passes away when life ends – and love only dies when the body does.

Torna, vezzosa Fillide
Jennifer Moore, soprano

Come back, my darling Phyllis â€“ I’ve asked every river and shore and they say you are far away and weeping. I think of you at every moment and keep shouting through my tears – where are you? My suffering has become a stormy sea. What is death doing, O Lord, if he is not calling me?